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Your BMS should be maintained with an appropriate level of servicing.

Our manufacturer trained engineers can highlight areas where condition-based maintenance can result in reduced cost of operation and maintenance and increased life of your HVAC plant.

Whether you require efficient control of your heating and ventilation system, better visibility of your energy metering, or maybe integration of various systems into one convenient point of control and management, a solution is available.

We Offer:


• Optimal start and stop of plant

• Building warm-up and cool-down cycles

• Night purge

• Automatic Seasonal plant sequence selection

• Seasonal temperature setting adjustments

• Load based control strategies

• Economy cycle control including CO2

• Equipment runtime monitoring and duty cycling

• Occupancy control and control setback 

System Maintenance

• As with any software-driven system, data and files should be backed up on a regular basis

• Critical components should be identified and checked at regular intervals

• BMS functions such as logged data, reports and alarms can be used to perform maintenance by exception

• Maintenance should be approached as the performance of the controlled system, not individual components, i.e. AHU or Chiller Plant

• While the BMS equipment vendor should be utilised to maintain the critical components, other suitably qualified technicians can be utilised for field equipment


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