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If it's a Building Energy Management System that you're looking for, then we can recommend the system for you.

Throughout the years, many conventions have been created to assist in automated building mechanisation. Automation has been achieved via various system proprietary and open protocols. Open protocols, such as BACnet and Modbus, for example, have been designed to aid control of a building's HVAC plant by making control directly available through programming interfaces, rather than hardwired digital and analogue hardware points. This is the reason most building automated systems are designed around these types of conventions. Different conventions are progressively specific, for instance, DALI was designed for lighting frameworks.


Integrating various proprietary and open protocols, via gateways, can produce a system that can generally deliver one control interface for a building user. For instance, BACnet and Modbus can both work with DALI lighting frameworks. Various manufacturers may deliver 'limited' availability to plant control options which can make integration difficult. Building managers should be certain that these conventions will work with the structure of plant and control options.

Using recognised, tried & tested hardware and software, we aim to control your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems in the most efficient and practicable way. 

Whether you require control of your heating and ventilation system, better visibility of your energy metering, or maybe integration of various systems into one convenient point of control and management, a solution is available. 

Controls & Integrated BMS Ltd will only recommend systems that are capable, and engineered to operate your system, whilst adhering to your requirements, at the optimum performance according to the demand and comfort levels of your building environment.

We will design a controls system based on your requirements, forward our drawings to you for comment and your approval, and then deliver our controls package which will be installed, commissioned and completed to your design and specification.

So, give us an opportunity to deliver the controls that you are looking for, at a competitive price.......

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