January 2022


Integrated BMS Project at Riber Castle

Controls & Integrated BMS Ltd were employed to refurbish, update & commission the HVAC controls at Riber Castle, Matlock, Derbyshire.

The Castle’s main source of low-temperature hot water derives from its main boiler room, comprising of four large condensing boilers. Within the building are 26 luxury 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments with underfloor heating as their primary source of heating.

Located on the roof are two plant rooms serving domestic hot water to each apartment. The integration of various BMS protocols play a major role whilst communicating between the main plant rooms' 2 Tridium Jace controllers, 52 Sontay IO devices serving the apartments, and the domestic hot water services, controlled under the dictates of 2 Innotech Omni C40 controllers.

Roof-mounted weather stations supply information to the Innotech Omni controllers, which are utilised to control automatic windows on the Atrium roof.


Controls & Integrated BMS Ltd

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